1. Why choose wool? 

Skoki uses 100% soft Merino wool to deliver warmth and comfort. Not only is wool soft and warm, but it is also incredibly durable. Our intention is for Skoki balaclavas to be worn and re-worn and passed on from child to child! Wool is also great at regulating body temperature, so your little ones will stay comfortable while enjoying the outdoors! 

2. Will my Skoki balaclava shrink?

Due to the delicate nature of this product it may experience minimal shrinkage. Please read and follow the care instructions on the label to maintain the appearance and fit of the garment to ensure wear after wear!

 3. What is mulesing-free wool?

Mulesing-free wool refers to the ethical treatment of sheep. Mulesing requires surgical removal of skin from the rear of the sheep to prevent infections. The wool we use for our Skoki balaclavas are non-mulesing and our partners support the ethical and humane treatment of animals.

 4. Are Skoki balaclavas sustainable?

Wool is renewable, sustainable as well as biodegradable. The benefit of using fine crafted 100% Merino wool in our caps is the highly durable nature of our fabric which extends its life season after season. Our caps can be passed on from sibling to sibling to enjoy!

 5. How should I care for my fur pompom?

When you receive your Skoki balaclava with fur pompom, shake the pompom to bring out the full volume. Do not wash the pompom. However, should the fur pompom get wet, shake off any excess water and allow to dry naturally. At the end of the season it is recommended to keep the pompom stored in a safe place to avoid crushing.

6. If I buy a Classic balaclava without a pompom, can I add a pompom later?

Unfortunately our Classic Skoki balaclavas do not come with a snap and therefore would not be able to support a pompom.